From the Treasurer:

As of now we have 28 members who have made their pledges of support for Faith Church this year. Many more members and friends are contributing each month but have not made a formal pledge. Members who have not yet made their pledge for the remainder of the year are encouraged to do so by completing the pledge card that was sent out last month. Our Statement of Faith as well as April reports are filed in the church office and linked here for anyone interested to view. April offerings are reported below:

General Fund Offerings April 2022$11,866.23
Our Church’s Wider Mission Contribution (2.5%)$296.66
SFC Contribution (1.5%)$177.99
Eden Hill Contribution (.75%)$89.00
Back Bay Contribution (.75%)$89.00
CUE Contribution (.5%)$59.33
Designated Offerings April 2022 
Faith UCC Youth Group$500.00
Riverside Pride$100.00
One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC)$100.00

Church Roofing Project

The church insurance company has determined that all four buildings (the sanctuary, the fellowship hall, the children’s classrooms and the shed) have roof damage caused by hail and wind. We are in the process of getting bids to replace the roofs as well as repair/replace the damaged fascia boards and the gutters. This will be a massive undertaking but will protect our property from further damage for years to come. As we collect bids and deal with the insurance company, we will update the congregation every step of the way.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Faith UCC finances.

Michelle Perry