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Kiva: Update on our loan to Cotzi Ya Group

Submitted by Frank Dietz

This update on our loan to Cotzij Ya Group was written by Kiva’s Field Partner.

The 37-year-old Flora’s leadership grows daily. She seeks to consolidate the Mayan women of her community through typical weavings. She comments that when the woman weaves she occupies her mind, her hands and her spirit. That is why each typical “girdle” or belt that Flora weaves has her essence. She wants all weaving women to sell her products well. So Flora employs two people to support her in weaving typical belts that are in fashion. She says that if women weave and sell their products, they will be able to meet their basic needs and there will be fewer malnourished children. That is why last November, Flora acquired the fifth loan with Kiva. She was effectively able to capitalize on her textile business by purchasing a large quantity of high-quality yarns in various colors. Now Flora generates more income that allows her to continue supporting her parents and her 6 younger siblings.

The eight women from the “Cotzij Ya” Communal Bank continue to prepare through training provided by the “Microcredit Plus” program for loans, non-formal education and health services. They not only benefited from a Kiva loan, but also benefited greatly from training in financial, health, women, and family issues. They now know their rights, but also their obligations as wives and mothers. A nurse from the institution visited their homes every two months and performed Pap tests, blood pressure, height and weight. Flora and her companions were also informed about the importance of vaccination to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Thanks to these educational topics, the women of this communal bank acquire more knowledge that allows them to develop their capacities.

Kiva Lender, the more than 32,000 clients of Puente de Amistad, achieve their goals thanks to each one of you.

Kiva Program Update

From Hayes Marlow

The Kiva Program helps people here and around the world. My brother, Fischer, and I learned about it during confirmation. We like to help others and we are interested to learn about other people, how they live and work, why they need the loan, and how it will help them. We were able to help pick some people who were really close to getting their whole amount of their loan, and we also helped people who were having a hard time because of COVID.

Mike Ziegler shared that Faith UCC most recently donated $50 to Kiva for their operations, and $50 was credited to our account to make loans. He selected women who were close to getting their entire funding (shows lots of support, makes it more likely they will get the funding) and mostly those from South America. Two of the recipients got 2x matching dollars from major corporations, which also helped. We still have $692 to lend, with more coming in almost every day.

Our most recent loan was made to Fortaleza Group in Nicaragua. This is our second loan to that group. They are now fully funded! For more information about Fortaleza Group, go to: https://www.kiva.org/lend/2173694

KIDS & YOUTH—Help Us Loan Money April 14th at 6:00pm

KIDS & YOUTH—did you know that you have $1,406.71?!  We need your help spending it. 

Through your tithes and offerings your church has loaned $63,125 to people from 85 countries, through the KIVA microloan lending program, to help them start and run businesses and bring more financial health and freedom to themselves, their families, and communities. 

As they pay us back the money they’ve borrowed from us, we re-invest that money in other people.  We currently have $1,406.71 to loan to others, and we want our young ones’ help deciding to whom we should loan our support next.

PARENTS—We want to help teach our young about mission, about the plight of others less financially fortunate than us in the U.S. and around the world, how money and lending work, what a big difference every little bit they do for others can make, and how good it feels to work with God by serving God’s kids. 

We also want to help them engage with their pastor and other grownups in the congregation to help them feel connected with their greater Faith Family, and we need your help, as well!

Bring your kiddos and join me, Mike Ziegler, and Frank Dietz on Wednesday, April 14th at 6:00 pm for 30 to 45 minutes max as we demonstrate the KIVA program to you and your kids and get their help making our next round of loans. 

If it’s dinner time or happy hour in your household, bring the merlot (for you) and the mac and cheese (for the kids of for you, we won’t judge) and join any way. 

This will be an informal Faith Family time as we love on your kids, on you, and teach us all a bit more about serving God by caring for and supporting our human family with a hand up, rather than a handout.  We hope to see you, there! 

Pastor Carla

Calling all Young Ones (And Parents of Young Ones!)

Mike Ziegler and Frank Dietz are heading up our Kiva micro-loan lending program and we want our children and youth to help us! 

Some time after March 10th, these two men, along with Pastor Carla, will be hosting a Zoom session to introduce our young to Kiva, start selecting our next loan recipients together, and set up a rotation for which kiddos will help us out each month as we select new recipients. 

Parents, please reach out to Mike Ziegler (mzieglertx@yahoo.com) by 3/10/21 if your children or teens are interested in helping out.  It’s a great chance to learn about missions, the needs of others, good stewardship, and to engage with the adults of our congregation.

Going on at Faith

The Cactus at
Church Were in
Full Bloom on
Monday, August 3

Come By and Sign the Habitat Stud

    Come on by the fellowship hall and sign the Habitat stud. They will be built into the next Habitat House this fall.  You have until September 15 to come by.  Share your prayers and best wishes for Gary’s new house and his two young boys.

More Kiva Loans Confirmands Help Choose

Veronique  Cameroon/Fruits & vegetables    $25 
$25 A loan of $350 helps to buy more stocks of fresh foods
(plantains, taro, and cassava).

Abisunzekristo Cb Group    
A loan of totaling $3,500 helps a member to increase the stock of various types of food in her restaurant

Yeremy Rafael     
Alpha, Gutierrez Brown, Coto Brus,
 Puntarenas, Costa Rica / Cattle    $25 
A loan of $525 helps to purchase calves
 to raise so he can take advantage of his land.

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