From Hayes Marlow

The Kiva Program helps people here and around the world. My brother, Fischer, and I learned about it during confirmation. We like to help others and we are interested to learn about other people, how they live and work, why they need the loan, and how it will help them. We were able to help pick some people who were really close to getting their whole amount of their loan, and we also helped people who were having a hard time because of COVID.

Mike Ziegler shared that Faith UCC most recently donated $50 to Kiva for their operations, and $50 was credited to our account to make loans. He selected women who were close to getting their entire funding (shows lots of support, makes it more likely they will get the funding) and mostly those from South America. Two of the recipients got 2x matching dollars from major corporations, which also helped. We still have $692 to lend, with more coming in almost every day.

Our most recent loan was made to Fortaleza Group in Nicaragua. This is our second loan to that group. They are now fully funded! For more information about Fortaleza Group, go to: