If you would be willing to pledge toward materials for and/or help plan the Faith Church, UCC booth at Riverside Pride Festival at the Comal County Fairgrounds Saturday, June 11th, please contact Pastor Carla!!!   

Folks were so appreciative of our presence last year, yet many were VERY SCARED to approach us, having been dealt heavy blows on their spirits by religious persons and organizations.  We want to have a fun, interactive booth at the event that feels safe and has an activity and decorations to draw them there. 

Perhaps we’ll play Pin the Tail on the Clobber Passage with scriptures traditionally used to condemn LGBTQ+ persons AND a corrective interpretation of that passage, then we have them try to pin the new loving message on top of the clobber passage while blindfolded for a prize.   

OR maybe we create a Whack-A-Mole game where they get to knock down or cover up phrases religious persons often use to condemn them with scriptures that speak instead of love and grace and acceptance.  Let’s get creative and have fun while offering an alternative message of faith!!  

We can then send them on with materials about Faith Church and goodies from us to remind them of God’s unconditional love for them, and ours as well.  We need ideas, offers to help cover the costs of outreach materials, and worker bees to help.  Again, please contact Pastor Carla to help and especially to take charge of helping her coordinate our efforts for this event!

Interfaith Pride Service set for June 9th 6:30—Helpers Needed  

Riverside Pride Fest was such a huge success last year that it is moving to the larger venue of Comal County Fairgrounds just down Common St. and will be Saturday, June 11th.  

Event organizers have given permission for Faith Church to host an interfaith worship service of supportive faith communities and persons of faith to show our LGBTQ+ siblings that God does love and affirm them, and so do we!  Other faith communities in New Braunfels and the surrounding areas are being invited, a committee is being formed to begin planning, and our own active and retired clergy at Faith Church will be asked to vest and process for the service.

So far, Pastor Carla has secured commitments to participate from New Braunfels congregations including Unity, the Unitarian Universalists, Peace Lutheran, and St. Johns Episcopal, along with the Seguine PFLAG Chapter and the San Marcos Unitarian Universalists.  

To help plan for and/or support this service, reach out to Pastor Carla.