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2022 Pledge Campaign—For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table

            It is rare for a modern congregation to NOT have a pledge campaign to help plan for the coming year’s budget.  Faith Church is conducting our first ever drive to request folks’ pledged giving of resources of time, talents, and finances to help support the work of the church in the coming year.

            Many thanks to those who have already pledged.  If you have not done so, PLEASE go to https://www.faithuccnb.org/2022pledge/ or complete a form on the kiosk in the Narthex.  Pledges will be accepted through this Sunday, January 9th.  Council will use these to plan our Statement of Faith (otherwise known as a budget) to be voted on at our Annual Congregational Meeting after worship January 30th.

For Everyone Born, A Place at the Table—2022 Stewardship Campaign

It is common practice in most churches to do an annual pledge campaign to assist with the development of a statement of faith (otherwise known as a budget). To our knowledge, Faith Church has never held one, so we are beginning with a theme that represents what we believe and seek to provide as a ministry of God in our community and world!

Each year at our annual congregation meeting at the end of January, we vote on our statement of faith to approve our spending and allocation of resources for the coming year. If we do not know how much to anticipate coming in, we do not know how much we can, in good stewardship, plan to spend.

Please help us dream into a bright future in the coming year of Faith by prayerfully considering your pledge of resources and talents and make your pledge by filling out the form via the link below or take a form from the bulletin board in the narthex.

We will dedicate all pledges provided in a special ritual during our Sunday worship service December 26th as our own offering of a gift to the newborn Christ Child.

Together, we can make a place where everyone feels welcome AND do the outreach needed to let them know we are here and how to find us!!



Pledge Campaign for Our 2022 Statement of Faith

To properly develop a Statement of Faith (otherwise known as a budget) for the congregation to discuss and vote on at our Annual Congregational Meeting in January, we will be conducting a Pledge Campaign between now and January 9th

Members will be asked to prayerfully consider what they feel called to give to Faith Church through regular tithes in the coming year.  We know circumstances change and it can feel overwhelming in uncertain times such as these to make a commitment.  We simply ask folks to take time now to consider what contribution they believe they can make and place that information on the Pledge Campaign forms that will be made available both at the church and via email.

Most churches do this as an act of due diligence, since otherwise we are left guessing what income we will have and crossing our fingers, hoping we will have enough to meet our needs.  Following a Biblical model, many Christians tithe 10% of their gross income to their church.  Others feel able to do more. 

The ickyness that often comes up for folks when talking about money need not be (didja watch the Amanda Palmer video, yet?).  We are not asking so we can build a huge new facility or cars or boats or creature comforts.  We do not use this money to serve us, alone.  We use it to feed us and then help fuel our going out and serving others. 

We are asking so this unique church, this place where all are welcome, this congregation that works for justice and peace and wants everyone to know they have a safe place to come where a spiritual family will love them can remain open and reach even more people. 

So be watching your email, social media, and worship guide announcements for your chance to help us reach our goal of 90% of our members completing cards for Faith Church’s very first Pledge Campaign and commit to what you feel God calls you to provide. 

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