Even once we begin in-person worship, we will continue our virtual worship via Zoom for those who cannot or are not yet comfortable with in-person worship.  We also want to continue to meet the needs of those who are not in our geographic region but are looking for a church home with which to connect.

There is much work to do to get ourselves ready for this and the Tech Team needs new members!!  You can begin by watching two videos of webinars produced by the Indiana-Kentucky Conference now available on YouTube. 

Session One: Time and Talent helps us plan and prep: https://youtu.be/9t-PFd2OsPA

Session Two: Tools and Tech helps us with gadgets and going live: https://youtu.be/czsobF8w6KY

We are grateful for the faithful work the Ward family has done for this congregation in working with our tech, and we cannot expect them to do this forever or alone without a weekend (or more) off each month. 

We need members willing to join the team, work alongside them to learn how it’s all done, and to help find even outside support to keep us up to date with our equipment and processes.  Please contact Pastor Carla at [email protected] to volunteer your time OR to offer a special offering in addition to your regular tithe to help hire AV help for the church.