Faith Church has entered into a rental agreement with Weight Watchers beginning in June. They will be using our Fellowship Hall three times a week for one hour meetings. Weight Watchers had been a previous tenant of ours several years ago and we are happy to have them back.

We also are leasing the Fellowship Hall to the Comal County Crisis Center to provide a day camp to a few children each week. The Crisis Center is so happy to have the use of our building just a few blocks away from their facility that experienced a fire a few months ago.

Our May Balance Sheet and Income vs. Expense reports are filed in the church office if you would like to view them. May offerings are reported below:

General Fund Offerings May 2022$6688.29
Our Church’s Wider Mission Contribution (2.5%)$167.21
SFC Contribution (1.5%)$100.32
Eden Hill Contribution (.75%)$50.16
Back Bay Contribution (.75%)$50.16
CUE Contribution (.5%)$33.44
Designated Offerings May 2022
Strengthen the Church$50.00
Riverside Pride$522.92
One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC)$100.00
Misc. (Crisis Center and Interfaith Service)$430.00

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Michelle Perry