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Annual Meeting Planning Committee

Submitted by Rev. Nikki Stahl

Who would you call on in your congregations to make a special event happen in your church? We need them and/or you!  

It’s the Heart of Texas Association’s turn to host the Conference Annual Meeting!

Dates (May 27-May 29, 2022) and a venue (Camp Allen) have been secured, but the HOT Planning Committee needs help in the areas below.

If you, or a member of your congregation, has a particular gift in any of these areas, please let me or our Moderator, Carl Schwartz-King, know ASAP. There will be a special installation service for our Conference Minister, Rev. Phil Hodson during this event as well. This is a great opportunity to get to know people within the Association and beyond.
Annual Meeting Focus Areas:

  • Venue Coordinator: Ann Wherly
  • Registration Coordinator: Stacey Silvey
  • Worship Coordinator: Trent Williams
  • Program Coordinator: CJ Wood
    • Child/Youth Cordination: Jeremy Albers (with specific leads for youth, children)
    • Boundary Training: Lynette Ross
  • Business Meeting Coordinator: Debra Joseph
  • Vendors Coordinator: Charles Stark? 
  • Kit Collections Coordinator: Anne Wehrly and Doris Machinski
  • Hospitality/Fellowship Coordinator: Carl Schwartz-King
    • Banquet Coordination: Arlene Turner assist
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Nikki Stahl
  • A/V Equipment Coordinator: Needed

Online planning kicked off this past Tuesday, November 30th and the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 6 at Noon.

Let me or Carl know if you plan on attending and we will send you a zoom link. If you want to help but cannot attend, let one of us know as well. Or if you know someone that we can contact in your congregation directly, we would love those names and email/phone numbers.

Peace, Rev. Nikki Stahl
HOT Association Minister

Faith Church Pastoral Search Committee

Photo by Kathy Howie

We are grateful for the new Pastoral Search Committee that has already begun working with SCC Conference Minister, Rev. Phil Hodson, in discerning God’s future plans for Faith Church.  Please hold the members of this committee in your prayers and thank them for their gift of service (since it meant they got you out of having to do it 😊). 

PLEASE NOTE: The process is transparent, but the details are kept confidential until the time is appropriate.  A committee cannot work with constant input and pressure from others in the congregation.  They will be prohibited from discussing the details of their search even with their spouses. 

Please do not put them into the position of receiving unsolicited advice or pressure to disclose information.  If you have questions, please contact Pastor Carla or Council Chair, Sam Ward.  Information will be released by church leadership at the proper times.  Until then, many thanks to:

Nicolle Clark
Lindsey Graham
Ralph Ludwig
Lauren Pearce
Charlie Robinson
Mike Ziegler

For their willingness to serve and for the process they are undertaking, may God bless them and their journey.

SCC Nominations Requested


The SCC Nominating Committee is announcing the following positions open for nomination to be filled to serve with the South Central Conference Board.

You may self nominate or nominate another member, willing to serve, by placing the name and position nominated for in writing via e-mail to:

Yvette W. Scales, Chair, Nominating Committee (yscales@rice.edu); or to: Cindy Miller, Secretary, Nominating Committee (sistermarycynthia@gmail.com).

VICE PRESIDENT – clergy preferred (2yrs)
Association Representative – Houston (2023)
Association Representative – New Orleans (2024)
Association Representative – North Texas (2024)

Heart of Texas – Clergy
Houston Association Representative – Clergy
New Orleans Association Representative – Lay

Houston – Clergy

Submitted by Yvette Scales, Chair of Nominating Committee

Special Committees Named

Early in the summer of 2020, the Church Council named three committees to give leadership to special needs of the congregation.  

The first is IN-PERSON WORSHIP COMMITTEE and the members are Mary Owen, Judith James and Jim Gossett.

The second is PASTORAL RETIREMENT AND CELEBRATION COMMITTEE and the members are Carol Sisco-Martinez, Jan Ziegler, and Sheila Angerer.

The third is the INTERIM PASTOR SEARCH COMMITTEE with membership of Miki Ward, Beth Bizer, Kyle Kramm and Jena Wendel. 

These committees did important work for this epidemic and pastoral transition time.  The Council and congregation express deep appreciation for the care and leadership given by these persons.  So a big THANK YOU to each of you.

A brief description of the work of each committee.


They identified a number of mitigation conditions needing to be enacted for safe in-person worship such as   sanitizing, wearing masks, maintaining 6’ distancing, temperature checks, and not attend if feeling ill or been near others that tested positive.     It was also identified there would be no in-person worship if the local new positive cases numbers exceeded a 7 day average of 30.  Arrangements were made for virtual worship. The Committee continues to monitor the numbers and will recommend resuming in-person worship based on local new cases.


This committee task was to find appropriate ways, during this Covid 19 time, to rightfully celebrate the 15 years of Pastor Scott’s ministry.  They have invited the congregation to share their remembrances, given financial gifts to Family Promise and Slumber Fall camp in his honor, presented him with personal gifts and will conclude during his retirement Sunday, December 27 worship service with a litany celebrating his ministry and releasing him of his pastoral duties.  


This Committee was tasked with finding Pastoral leadership for Faith Church upon Pastor Scot’s retirement.  Working closely with the South Central Conference Minister, the committee determined the kind and scope of leadership necessary, reviewed and interviewed a number of available candidates, and prepared a Designated Term Ministry Covenant.  The candidate and agreement will be announced soon.

The Council thanks the congregation for their faithfulness during this health crisis and transition time.

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