Photo by Kathy Howie

We are grateful for the new Pastoral Search Committee that has already begun working with SCC Conference Minister, Rev. Phil Hodson, in discerning Godā€™s future plans for Faith Church.  Please hold the members of this committee in your prayers and thank them for their gift of service (since it meant they got you out of having to do it šŸ˜Š). 

PLEASE NOTE: The process is transparent, but the details are kept confidential until the time is appropriate.  A committee cannot work with constant input and pressure from others in the congregation.  They will be prohibited from discussing the details of their search even with their spouses. 

Please do not put them into the position of receiving unsolicited advice or pressure to disclose information.  If you have questions, please contact Pastor Carla or Council Chair, Sam Ward.  Information will be released by church leadership at the proper times.  Until then, many thanks to:

Nicolle Clark
Lindsey Graham
Ralph Ludwig
Lauren Pearce
Charlie Robinson
Mike Ziegler

For their willingness to serve and for the process they are undertaking, may God bless them and their journey.