We are all familiar with the apocalyptic image from the Bible of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, one of which is pestilence.  In the Bible the Apocalypse is the end of life as we have known it.  We get caught up in the gory devastation of apocalyptic imagery in the Bible: Armageddon,  blood red moon and other signs,  the Four Horsemen I mentioned, etc. but ultimately apocalyptic writings are about hope.

The word apocalypse means “to reveal” or “to unveil”.  In a recent Christian Century article Martha Tatarnic points out that “horrifying and beautiful truths are being revealed to us in these apocalyptic days of COVID 19”.  The systemic injustices around us that affect minority groups and economic polarization is on full display.  We have also seen all across this planet how human beings can work together and change radically in response to an emergency.  We have seen how this world on which we live is inextricably bound together.  The air I breathe becomes the air you breathe.  We can distribute wealth more justly.  We can find housing for the homeless.  We can change our entrenched routines when it is necessary to do so.  We have seen how our choices affect the whole planet’s ecosystems. 

Tantric concludes her article with these words, “We can choose to align our lives with the God of compassion and healing.  Or we can choose to keep trying to cobble together the teetering house of cards that is this claim that we can operate outside the bonds of relationship.  We can choose, but the truth that one of these paths leads nowhere but to death is now impossible to ignore.”  What will this crisis reveal about the human race?  What choice will we make?  What choice will each of us make?

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Scott