Submitted by Rev. Melissa Ashmore, Pathways Theological Registrar

Pathways Theological offers personal spiritual growth courses in addition to our ministry preparation program. PATHWAYS Theological, Inc. is an affordable and accessible online program in progressive theology. Participants are not bound by geography and have a flexible time schedule over the course of each week. The weekly readings and the facilitated accompanying online forum offer a practical, open-minded education and create a learner-centered environment where participants can bring their own questions and wisdom. 

Please get to know us through our website:

From the website you can enroll in our upcoming classes as simply as shopping online.  The following explorer courses are $99 for a 4 weeks.

  • Singing the Bible – [this is an extremely popular course and you need not be a worship leader or musician to take this course, it is for everyone] (Jul 19 – Aug 15)
  • The Bible Clearly Says…Or Does It? Homosexuality and the Bible (Jul 19-Aug15)
  • Good Sabbath: Restoring the Soul (Aug 18 – Sept 13)
  • What about the Bible? (Sept 15 – Oct 12)
  • Environmental Justice (Oct 20 – Nov 16)

Getting to know Pathways
Shared by Melissa Ashmore, Pathways Theological Registrar

Greetings, South Central Conference!
It is my honor and my pleasure to invite you to view the videos at the links below to introduce you to PATHWAYS Theological Education, Inc. As registrar, I have committed to the mission and vision of this organization as one of the multiple paths to ministry and as a provider of excellent education for church leaders at every level.

Please feel free to contact me directly or to complete the contact form at to learn more about what PATHWAYS can offer to you and to your church.

Rev. Melissa Ashmore
PATHWAYS Registrar