Faith Church has a long, proud history of being a 5 for 5 Congregation, meaning we donate to the 5 special missional offerings of the UCC.  One Great Hour of Sharing® is one of those offerings received each year during Lent.  This offering directly supports the disaster, refugee, and development ministries of the United Church of Christ within Wider Church Ministries. 

To learn more about the impact of this offering, watch this brief video, “When Water Comes Interviews”, with villagers in Kenya describing the difference it made in their lives when clean water was provided, thanks to the support of OGHS

Please prayerfully consider your contribution to this special offering, which will be collected March 14th, in addition to your regular tithe to the work and ministry of Faith Church.  You may donate via the Church website ( with a message to designate the amount to the OGHS Offering or by mail to the church (970 Loop 337
New Braunfels, TX) with “OGHS Offering” in the memo line.