Dear Friends,  Greetings from  the Global Ministries Child and Elder Sponsorship Program!    We are sure this letter finds you well.

     I am enclosing a letter and photo (you can see these on the kiosk)  from Dawa Tserinig, your sponsored child at Sonada Refugee Camp, in Darjeeling, India, and want to thank you for your continued support of this program.  English is not your child’s first language, so the letter written by the child might seem stilted or simplistic.  We are grateful the center made this effort to communicate with you.

    The Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program is committed to aiding children at risk by providing a practical way for individuals and churches to extend a helping hand.  Since the 1950’s, this global ministry has been working to safeguard the future of children around the world.  A commitment to sponsoring a child helps to provide housing, clothing, food, education and basic health care until age eighteen.

   The Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program is a partnership between Global Ministries and the various participating centers around the world.  Your donations help the partnering institutions provide services to sponsored and unsponsored children.  Support of sponsored children is provided in ways that will not set them apart from their siblings, other children and their classmates.

Please feel free to contact our program manager, Linda Lawrence, at 866-822-8224 extension 3222 or [email protected]  or me tat extension  3878 or [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks you again and may God bless you richly.


Patricia Cornacchione, Program Assistant