Faith Church is planning a community-wide socially-distanced Blessing of the Hands for all healthcare staff and first responders *most likely* to be held 6a-8p Monday June 7th.

It is designed to acknowledge the work they have done, are doing, and have ahead of them to care for others the personal and professional trauma they’ve faced while doing so the journey to come, as they can finally begin to slow down and grieve what they’ve been living through for more than a year.

Research shows healthcare workers after the first SARS pandemic in 2003 faced astronomical burnout and PTSD rates 18-36 months AFTER the pandemic was over. 

The road ahead may not be easy for many of them as we return to our lives and they remember the ones they tried to help but who will not be returning to theirs and as we remember the colleagues we’ve buried and wonder, and even feel guilt, about why we survived when they did not.

We want to do all we can to respond to them as they have responded to us

help them on their own path toward healing do all we can to decrease their risks for burnout and PTSD by offering ample support for them, in whatever ways we can.

Please mark your calendars and look for ways to participate in this event!  We will have rotating shifts of greeters and blessers from 6a to 8p to give as much chance for all shifts of workers to attend as possible.

There will be many opportunities to volunteer and there are plenty of logistics to confirm, as we don’t want a good idea to turn into a disaster!  We’re working on it all—getting clear about routes into and out of the church, lining up volunteers to serve as blessers and direct traffic, getting things out into the press, printing up cards with the spiritual but not dogmatic blessing so all will feel comfortable attending, preparing the bowls of cotton balls dipped in lavender that will be dropped into their palms to bless their hands with as volunteers say a blessing over them, etc.  

Any event planners or organizers out there who can help, please holler as we need your gifts!!  Til then, please spread the word that this event is coming and keep us in prayer as we plan the event.

And thank a healthcare worker or first responder, today, letting them know you’re with them.

Pastor Carla