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Roof Replacement: Information Meeting (7/17) & Congregational Vote (7/31)

Please plan to remain after worship Sunday July 17th for an information session about needed repairs to the roofs of all buildings on our property and other maintenance needs to care for our church!

Members of Council will present our options and answer questions of congregants on that date.

Representatives from R&R Roofing, who won our confidence after we received three different bids, will also be on hand that day. They came highly recommended to us from members of the Pantermuehl family and we are grateful for their introduction.

On July 31st, please make plans to attend a special Congregational Meeting after worship during which we will vote on which repair and financing options to pursue. 

This is an exciting time for us to come together and be the Church as we dream into our future plans for tending to and caring for the campus God has gifted to us.

Texas Impact Zoom Discussion

From: Sheila Angerer

Texas impact

Texas Impact presented a webinar last Sunday, August 23rd.  I attended four panel discussions via Zoom.   Texas Impact is a trusted voice for faith and justice at the Texas Legislature.  Faith in Democracy is in partnership with a team from Dallas faith organizations for this webinar.  The speakers were from Hamilton Park United Methodist Church, Yaqueen Institute for Islamic Research & Faith Forward, Northern-Texas Northern Louisiana Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America And Faith Commons (representing the Jewish faith).

     They each shared their experiences within their faith and the problems they are facing during COVID, racism and the political climate. The next presenters spoke about recruiting election workers.  They stressed the need for volunteers to step up to help and explained the process which you would be required to do. This is a paid position.    If anyone is feeling the spirit to volunteer for early voting or election day, please contact the Democratic Headquarters in New Braunfels,  830-620-5739.  

     The next panel discussed Vote By Mail.  The Presbyterians, in Austin,  conducted an extensive VBM strategy.  They were successful and talked about the problems they incurred.   This panel encouraged those who are eligible to send in your application for a ballot as soon as possible.  And when you received your ballot, mail it as early as possible.  If you have questions, once again call the Democratic Headquarters.  Their message was to be expedient.

      The final panel talked about the 2021 Legislative and gave a preview and how much different it is going to be due to the ongoing COVID.  Texas Impact was even certain the legislation was equipped for a Zoom gathering.  To be continued in January.

     I joined another Zoom meeting with a representative from Congressman Lloyd Doggett.  There were five in attendance and we discussed climate change/global warming.  The topic discussed at length was a rail system from San Antonio to Austin to alleviate the congestion on I-35.  The may or may not be any movement on this project. 

 It was a short Zoom meeting with sharing our thoughts about the topic and the election.  I will make an effort to update anything from Texas Impact is involved with during the rest of this year and into 2021.  There is a conference meeting Sunday and Monday, August 31st and September 1st.  I plan to attend by Zoom.


Sheila Angerer

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