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Slumber Falls Camp Looking for Summer Camp Volunteers

Hello Churches and Conference Friends:

Slumber Falls is having excellent summer camp registrations and we are now at 221 campers.

We are in desperate need of the following Volunteers:

  • 2 female adults (over 18) to Counsel at our Streams of Faith 1 (grades 3-5) from July 4 – July 10
  • 1 male adult (over 18) to Counsel at our Eco Camp (grades 6-8) from July 11 – July 17
  • 3 females and 2 males (over 18) Counselors needed for our Living Waters camp (grades 3-6) from July 11 – July 17

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these openings, please contact

Stacey at stacey@slumberfalls.org as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration!

Go to Camp for FREE!—Slumber Falls Spring Work Camp March 12-14

As most of you know, Faith Church has a close working relationship with our own UCC Slumber Falls Camp, right here in New Braunfels! 

Children and youth have camped there and made lifelong friends and memories, congregations have held meaningful retreats on the grounds surrounded by the beauty of nature, clergy (including your own!), have gone there for quiet retreats to rest.

            SFC relies on our support to remain a place of fun, learning, and connection with God and each other. 

One way we offer support is by attending the regular Work Camp Weekends where we are invited to stay at the camp for free for a causal weekend of laughter and sharing while helping with work projects (primarily Saturday) around the property at 3610 River Road.

            In the recent extreme weather of SNOVID 2021, the camp suffered significant plumbing damage and will rely on our support during this work camp, more than ever.  Please make plans to attend.  If you have special tools or expertise, please contact the camp office at 830-625-2212 for possible projects.             To register, go to https://slumberfalls.org/events/sfc-fall-work-camp/

Slumber Falls Camp Updates

Slumber Falls Camp 2020 Fall Work Weekend 10/23-10/25

Having two work weekends worked out so well in 2019, we are excited to do again this year!

Please join us for fun, good food, hard work and fellowship in this season of pandemic.  We will of course be practicing social distancing and mask wearing when doing projects inside but most things will be outside.

We will be finishing up transitioning from summer camp mode to retreat group / family group mode and prepping the property for winter.  We are currently compiling the project list and will share it soon.

Please remember if you or someone in your family needs volunteer hours for school, college applications or court mandated community service hours…this counts!  There is no cost for the weekend, but Love Offerings are always appreciated.  Lodging, Saturday breakfast, lunch and supper and Sunday breakfast are all provided.

Water of Life – Well #1 Repairs

While SFC is currently running a COVID Campaign to mitigate the financial state of the camp as a result of the pandemic, we also are seeking donations to cover the expenses of repairing Well #1.  In mid-August, both wells on the property went down.  While we were able to repair Well #2 in house, Well #1 faced more serious issues.  The pump on Well #1 seized up and burnt a section of electrical wiring.  We called in Kutscher Drilling in to replace the pump, a section of pipe, and wiring, which amount to $2,800.  A day before they came, the water reservoir tank in Well #1 sprang a leak.  David Lamensky is helping us repair the tank, but we are reaching out for donations to cover this non-budgeted repair expense.  If you have a passion for water, bathing/showering, or even drinking it in some form or fashion, consider giving a donation to the Water of Life effort so that others may experience the joys that come from fresh well water.

Slumber Falls Camp is Moving Forward with Camps

Submitted by Rev. Jeremy Albers, Director of Outdoor Ministry

This past weekend the SCC Board of Directors approved the Decision Tree presented by the SCC COVID-19 task force on Slumber Falls Camp.  For the past three weeks the task force took into consideration the many facets of offering or not offering camp this summer.  The findings were that a simple Yes or No was not adequate because new information continues to come out and that circumstances outside of our control could have major impacts. 

From this came a decision tree that encouraged Slumber Falls to move forward. Support for camps to move forward came from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Camping Association and YMCA, state and local health agencies, and the Texas Department of Health which oversees our state licensing as a recognized youth camp. 

The decision on whether SFC would move forward was based on recent events, our ability to mitigate health risks, and enact our health and safety protocols if needed.  The overall well-being of our youth and the challenges they are facing, as well as our ability to acquire necessary supplies and support from third parties which are vital to offering camp were also accessed.  We also outlined the risks to the camp and conference. 

Since there is a financial component to offering camps and the fact that we are offering worry free camping this summer, the burden of costs will initially fall on the camp until the camps occur.  If camps do not happen, then the camp and conference will bear the burden of covering these costs if an exit strategy is enacted. 

The other section of the Decision tree contained exit strategies if our current resources and supply chains changed, the government and experts pull their support, or if we do not get a critical mass of registration by June 10th of 180 campers. 

We believe that summer camps are vital to the wellbeing of our youth, but health and safety concerns of our campers, staff, volunteers and families remain a priority.  Changes will be enacted this summer to many of our practices and procedures, and we will be asking our volunteers, camper families, and churches to help by following our suggestions for creating a “camping bubble” that minimizes risks.  This information is being finalized and will be uploaded to the SFC website and sent to parents with their camper letter. 

Parents are encouraged to sign up their campers before the June 10th deadline.  Registration costs this summer are worry free meaning that parents can change their minds at any point.  They can move their child to a different camp, roll their registration to the 2021 camping season, donate their registration money to the ministry of Slumber Falls Camp or receive a full refund (including the deposit) this summer. The camp will bear the risks in order to provide our parents a peace of mind.  Parents have the choice.  More information on worry free camping will be posted online.

Please keep the camp in your prayers, lift us up in your churches, and consider becoming a Friend of the Camp.  If you wish to volunteer, please sign up.  Slumber Falls is committed to sharing God’s love to all!

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