Your gift of $1,034 in 2019 and  $250.72 in 2020 is an affirmation of hope, and expression of God’s love that makes possible a seminary experience that will prepare the faith leaders of tomorrow to bring wisdom, healing, and creativity to the life of the Church. We invite you to give in 2021, your gift makes a huge difference in providing theological education.

    The CUE seminaries, Chicago, United and Eden, have responded to the challenges of 2020 with deepened commitment, expansive creativity, and nimble flexibility to ensure that our seminarians – your future pastors, counselors, community leaders, and ethical guides – continue to receive all that they need to become what is needed in a world that is being reshaped forever by the pandemic and all it has brought to light.

    Together, we are claiming a future of hope, born of the groanings, growth, and unexpected grace of these times.  We are grateful for your gift of partnership as we bring this hope to life for all our communities, and the world as God is bringing it into being.

     We encourage you to give through your conference office or directly to CUE.  If you have any questions or ideas, please be in touch with us at

Blessings, Rev. Cambell Lovett and Rev. Franz Rigert