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Bookkeeping Help Needed

We are transferring our church accounting from Quickbooks to Realm (an all-encompassing church management software) over the next few months.  

We are looking for a small group of people who are interested in helping out with church bookkeeping.

If you have a love of numbers and are willing to learn a new system, please reach out to Michelle Perry.

We hope to set up a training opportunity with the experts from Realm to help us get things transferred easily.

2022 Church Council Installation

The installation of the 2022 Faith Church Council! Thank you all!!!

Pictured right to left in the first photo are Charlie Robinson (Secretary), Mikki Ward, Michelle Perry (Treasurer), Sam Ward, and Philip Graves (Vice Moderator). Rev. Bill Burns was out of town and not available for the photo.

Council Positions Open for 2022-2023

We have 4 council positions open for our next 2-year cycle.  Council typically meets the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm.  We are in need of a strong working Council with persons engaged in the day-to-day organization and function of the church—from building and grounds to managing rentals to preparing the worship space and planning our worship.

Eventually, we will have committees to perform such functions and the Council will be able to be purely about the business decisions of the church, but we are not to that size just yet.  For now, we must have a working Council of folks pitching in on a weekly basis in some aspect of the work of Faith Church. 

For too long, the church has relied on the same people to hold positions for years at a time until they are burned out.  We have enough new members to come bring new energy AND also need those who have the institutional memory of the church history to bring to bear on our decisions and we move into God’s future.

If you are ready for an adventure, want to come help make this church possible for those who need a safe place to find connection to God and spiritual community, and want to help keep your pastor and co-congregants from burning out, come join us. 

The more hands on-deck, the less the weight of the load that will fall on any one person.

To nominate yourself or someone else, contact Pastor Carla before our Annual Congregational Meeting on January 30th after worship.  Nomination does not guarantee a spot on the Council and each person will be voted on separately (for instance, couples do not come to council as one unit). 

This is not a popularity contest, but a prayerful exercise in determining where we have persons who have time, energy, and gifts and can take up the tasks of what it means to BE church each and every day of the year.

I hope you will consider carefully if you feel called to serve in such a way.  How much is this church worth to you, and what are you willing to do to help make it possible?


Council Positions Open for 2022-2023

We will have 4 positions on Council open for 2022, including the position of Council Secretary.  Please begin prayerfully considering now if you God is calling you to join us!  You would commit to one meeting per month and helping out as a group with various projects as needed.  We will need at least one young adult to join us, as well.

None of us should EVER feel alone or overwhelmed as we work for this church.  The more of us who participate, the less the chance of that happening!

My pastor used to say, “If God is in it, God will provide the resources of people and finances.  If those aren’t there, then perhaps God is not in it and we should not be doing it right now…” 

In my heart of hearts, I believe God very much is in the ministry of this congregation and that “not doing” the work of Faith Church is not an option if we are to not just survive—our God of abundance wants better for us than that—but to actually thrive. 

So please join me in asking for God to prompt just the right group of people to come forward who want to participate in servant leadership for this church that provides blessings, to us and to others in our community, too numerous to count!


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