Mike Ziegler reports that the following information was in the last SOS Board minutes, “We plan to start using the new building on September 8th.  There will be a panic button for those in the new building who do not feel safe.  Also, board members were reminded that we can always call 911 if we feel threatened.”There is also another number for the food bank, which will ring in both buildings. Once the move into the new building is complete, work will begin on the new storage building.

      Sheila Angerer, Janet Sherman, Joe Ward and Pastor Scott worked at the SOS Food Bank on our August Friday.  One of the families we helped that day were from Aransas Pass.  They are here in New Braunfels because their house burned down.  The husband worked landscaping and construction and lost all his tools.  His wife is on oxygen and she lost her oxygen machine.  They currently are living in a hotel room  provided by Salvation Army.  SOS was able to provide them with emergency food.