Hello! I want to give everyone a short update on a couple of very important items in the life of Faith Church. As you know, our Pastor Scott Martin will be retiring on the last day of December this year. We have several things to do before that time in order to have a smooth transition in our church life. The main projects we must undertake are convening an interim pastor search committee.  Our thanks to the following people for agreeing to serve on the interim search committee:  Beth Bizer; Kyle Kramm; Mikki Ward and Jenna Wendel.  We will also need to form a pastoral search committee in the New Year to look for a settled pastor.

The church council has a lot of materials to help in the search process. We also have the help of Rev. Dr. Campbell Lovett, Consulting Conference Minister for the South Central Conference, United Church of Christ. Rev. Lovett has provided some specific materials that will help the committee greatly in the task at hand. In addition, he has offered to be a part of the committee’s meetings as a guide and support person. I am also committed to offer any support and assistance I can to help make the job run smoothly.

If you have any questions or want to help  please contact me soon at mzieglertx@yahoo.com (see Church Directory for phone number).

Signed in Faith, Mike Ziegler