Thank you for your generous gift to Back Bay Mission!  Your gift makes it possible to ensure help for the low-income and homeless people that are being seriously impacted by this pandemic.

     As we move through this pandemic to a place of relative stability, the needs of the people we serve will be deeper.  Many will not be able to return to their old jobs due to the loss of businesses and we will be assisting many new clients looking for restorative resources to resume their lives.  As demonstrated after Hurricane Katrina and the Deep Water Horizon Oil Disaster this is a resilient community that will need support to find new pathways to sustainability.  So, with your help, we can be there for people struggling to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, the utilities on.  Homeless residents will continue needing basic necessities such as showering, having clean clothes, respite space as well as access to case management..

    The vast majority of the people we serve do not want to live in poverty and they don’t want a handout.  They want the chance to move forward.  And your gift provides that chance.

Thank you for your generous gift!

Rev. Alice Graham, Ph.D.,  Executive Director